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A Preview of Insights On Localization for the Hospitality Industry

Digital teams at hotel Groups are generally confronted with a key localization dilemma: Due to the high volume of property content, maintaining a fully localized site in all languages can be cost-prohibitive. Yet it is usually a necessity for the hotel to be available in the language of their location. One of the largest - and usually main - markets is the hotel's local market. In the worst case scenario, that means one language for every hotel in the group. The value and ROI for the single hotel is clear, but how can that be applied to the rest of the site?

The Digital Travel 2016

This year's edition of the Digital Travel Director's Report takes a close look at the trends shaping the industry. Along with a special agenda preview, the report covers:

- How consumer needs are shaping brand marketing
- The implications of rising guest expectations
- Effective attribution through multichannel marketing

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How to Prioritize Your Big Data or Predictive Marketing Projects

Travel brands are following the lead of digital retailers and building out their ability to serve personalized content to their customers. Those who are able to create a truly 1 to 1 experience are poised to win customer loyalty and referrals. In Boxever's new e-book, several leading travel executives give their perspective and best practices for embracing the big data driven personalization paradigm. The report covers:

Benchmarking your personalization initiatives
The effect of data on the travel industry
Prioritizing personalization among competing priorities

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How Mobile & Digital Marketing Are Reshaping the Travel Industry

The travel and hospitality industry is going through an unprecedented period of change. The flood of new competition and the constant access consumers have to travel brands is creating an urgent need for brand differentiation. Digital capabilities are now core differentiators and growth drivers. They also elevate the customer experience and redefine how travel brands interact with their customers.

Produced in conjunction with Urban Airship, Digital Travel’s annual report evaluates how travel and hospitality brands are leveraging digital capabilities to engage with customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle: from discovering and researching products to making purchases and continuously connecting with the brand. The paper assesses how digital is impacting budgets and revenue streams, as well as how brands are using mobile to influence the entire customer journey.

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Monetate | 2nd Annual Personalization Development Study

Businesses are reprioritizing personalization to meet consumer demands. Now, discover why more than 70% that exceeded revenue expectations in the last 12 months have personalization-specific financial incentives in place.

Produced by Monetate, global leader in personalization software for consumer-facing brands, their 2nd Annual Personalization Development Study provides insights from 500 North American and UK-based senior marketers who share their challenges and successes with personalization across the retail, hospitality, and financial services sectors.

Benchmark Study: Connecting with the Digitally Distracted Traveler

In “Connecting with the Digitally Distracted Customer,” we’ll be deep-diving into the future of travel. We'll establish the most reliable means of getting great content and deals in front of an audience with a huge range of options at their disposal. Cutting through the clutter can be achieved by better segmentation, making offers personal, and expanding the footprint of the brand across channels. We will be assessing how brands are doing this as well as where they are encountering the most significant challenges.