Presentation Sneak-Peek: How Destinations Can Use Branded Entertainment to Target Chinese Travelers

Travel entertainment content is an incredibly valuable marketing tool that is often overlooked by destination marketers. A more engaging way to connect with travelers, video content falls under the ‘branding’ category, but certainly can lead to major conversions – particularly when targeting the ultra digitally-inclined Chinese consumer.

Branded video content helps to further cultivate a travelers’ inspiration to book, as it creates an emotional connection with audiences that other traditional modalities cannot. While several European, Asian, and Oceanic destinations have begun leveraging entertainment content, it has yet to be fully utilized in the U.S. market.

Take Tourism New Zealand, which has aptly begun integrating T.V. shows into its marketing mix with several different entertainment offerings. Chinese tourists, in particular, contribute $1.4 billion annually to the country’s economy.

Last year, New Zealand was featured in an episode of Chef Nic, a food and travel show hosted by the beloved Chinese foodie and TV personality, Nicholas ‘Nic’ Tse. Chef Nic is a cultural icon in China, and his prominence presented the opportunity to significantly increase exposure among prospective Chinese travelers.

The episode showcased Chef Nic and fellow celebrity Gloria Tang as they explored the regions of Taupo and Hawke’s Bay, participating in local activities such as barbequing, food and wine pairings, as well as local arts and cultural events. The episode earned over 33.5 million viewers, with an estimated advertising value (EAV) of more than NZ$20 million.

Many American DMOs have yet to fully harness the power of television and content-streaming in their China marketing mix. To get the Chinese traveler to head West, you have to inspire them to uncover something new – and this isn’t possible without a strong branding strategy, which flourishes in travel entertainment content.

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