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The Future of Engagement: Prioritizing Insights to Deliver Better Experiences

The future is now, and we are all adapting. In this new research paper, you'll discover the cutting edge strategies you need to exceed your customer's expectations and ride the wave of change. 

Travel Marketing in a Post-Pandemic World: How Travel Companies Plan to Recover and Reach Audiences in a New Business and Leisure Travel Market

Following COVID-19, Leading travel marketers are taking critical and timely actions now to help their companies recover from the economic impacts of this crisis. They are also taking steps to analyze what the future traveler looks like, paying close attention to the lessons they learned from customers in 2020. This report explores the key strategies and challenges of travel marketers in this new environment. In addition to benchmarking travel marketers’ expectations for the industry, you’ll also learn how you can apply these strategies to jumpstart recovery efforts at your own company.

Digital Travel Trends Report - February 2020

In this short report, we explore the latest initiatives of major travel brands Hertz, Hilton, Expedia, Big Bus Tours, American Airlines, Google, Marriott International and TripAdvisor to give you the exclusive insights you need to win the booking. Every time.

Digital Travel 2019 Innovation Briefing

Technology has had an unparalled impact on customer attitudes! Over the past decade, travel companies have been hard at work trying to adjust how they do business.Today’s travelers want access to the most up to date information, increased personalization, and a seamless UX.We’re here to help. In this short report, you’ll get a quick look at what travel marketers are doing to capitalize on the latest trends.Win The Booking!

The Age of Assistance: How Machine Learning Makes Sense of Consumer Identity, Intent, and Context

Machine learning technology is helping world-leading travel and hospitality companies discover, sort, display, and recommend personalized content at every customer touchpoint. In this report, we measure the industry’s maturity in realizing machine-driven messaging and assistance, leveraging machine learning for marketing and media initiatives, and driving business value.

Aligning the Enterprise with Brand Identity

In consumer markets, brand identity is a critical—and difficult to define—component of business success whose contributions to KPIs are becoming more quantifiable than ever before. In this report, we ask marketers and creatives critical questions about their approaches to strategy, channels, platforms, and design and how they contribute to a new era in brand decision making.

Performance Marketing Trends in the Travel Industry

In this brand new report from Digital Travel and Performance Horizon, you'll discover the cutting edge of digital strategy that travel brands are rolling out. The report covers: - The use of partner marketing in customer acquisition and retention - How travel brands are measuring and improving their strategies - What new techniques are being deployed in the coming year Click the image to the left to download!

The State of Customer Acquisition

Travel marketers are under tremendous pressure to acquire new customers—usually at the mercy of frequent promotions and mass discounts that may devalue their brands. Now, 95% of marketers claim they would be interested in using or learning more about gated offers, with 93% of travel marketers claiming they would leverage gated offers to acquire customers today. This Consumer Markets report reveals the current state of customer acquisition and how marketers are confronting the challenges of a noisy marketplace.

Travel Hospitality: Leveraging the Best Disruptive Technology and Consumer Innovations

The travel and hospitality industry hit a new record of spend and transformation in 2016. Global business travel spend topped $1.2 trillion USD in 2015, growing 5 percent over 2014 and is on pace to advance 5.8 percent on average over the next five years reaching $1.6 trillion in 2020 (Global Business Travel Association). With the average leisure traveler only taking between two or three trips per year, their exposure to travel and hospitality brands is limited; however, because of their daily interactions with highly innovative and disruptive brands like Starbucks, Amazon and Uber, their expectations for their travel and hospitality experiences are higher than ever. They want on-demand, highly streamlined and customized experiences at the swipe or tap of a button. To understand how travel and hospitality companies can leverage innovative and disruptive technology to capture a bigger share of the imminent 2017 global travel growth, we’re taking a look at the top trends to monitor in the year to come.

Hospitality Industry Marketing

An Exclusive Presentation By Steven Quach, Director Online Marketing, Hotels.com Mobile’s ubiquitous and on-the-go nature is changing the way people plan and book travel, while equally enhancing the on-destination experience. Hotels.com has been following and feeding the growth as increasingly more customers are accessing their content through smartphones and tablets. Their award-winning mobile app is driving new customer acquisition, while building loyalty in existing customers through convenient trip management features and mobile-friendly CRM. Hotels.com share their journey as well as cover some major breakthroughs in Mobile Technology that are challenging conventional customer behavior and forcing an industry to adapt. Click the image on the left to download this exclusive presentation now.

Digital Travel Innovation Briefing Report

Digital Travel gives marketers an exclusive look at some of the most innovative brands in the travel industry. As a marketer, it’s essential for you to stay up to date on all the latest tips, trends and technologies that are transforming the travel industry. With this innovation briefing, we’re looking to help companies with personalization, digital engagement, loyalty marketing and everything else that goes into an effective, forward-looking marketing strategy. In fact, with the growth of Online Travel Agencies through mergers & acquisitions and external funding, creating and sustaining an engaging personalized online experience is critical to continued success. Our latest report will give you a glimpse at how several travel brands are creating exciting experiences for their customers. Read on to see how you can #WINTHEBOOKING

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