Taking a Hard Look at Mobile Bookings; What’s Working and What’s Not this Holiday Season?

Access the full report: Available August 2020

During the holiday season things can easily get hectic in the lives of commercial travelers. They are looking for reliability and convenience on top of the savings they might be seeking out. In order to capitalize on the demand for convenience in the market, delivering an app or mobile website based travel experience is something that many brands have already made a priority.

Because of these trends, mobile bookings is an area where digital travel and lodging brands are working hard to improve. They know that their customers use mobile to browse travel options, and while many still purchase via desktop, the mobile market is growing thanks to the increasing ease with which a traveler can commit with the click of a button. These tools, as well as improved social media management and content meant for mobile consumption, are driving some of the leading strategies brands are employing into the holiday season.

The ability to personalize on mobile platforms may well be a decisive factor in improving bookings on the platform. According to Digital Travel’s 2019 report, The Age of Assistance, 55% of the industry still consider their ability to personalize only average or below.1

Within the next research report from Digital Travel, we will study checkout optimization and content strategy to help you understand what the holidays hold in store. We’ll also be surveying the importance of digital tools to help you contextualize your strategic planning for the year to come, and the implementation of personalization tactics to push your performance to the next level.

Access the full report: Available August 2020

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