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Digital Travel Industry Articles

At Digital Travel, we love giving away plenty of free content, so you can always keep up with the latest developments in the industry. Below we have a few of our most popular whitepapers and case studies.

How Caesars Entertainment Delivers a Knockout eCommerce Strategy

Digital technology has much to offer the casino industry and Caesars Entertainment is being proactive in making intelligent partnerships in that sector.

Best Western Hotels Is Using AI to Augment the Travel Experience

Digital technology is at the forefront of almost all business these days, and Best Western Hotels is among those innovative companies employing artificial intelligence and big data to great effect. is Addressing the Tech Industry's Gender Bias Problem carried out its own independent research into the much-reported gender bias in the tech industry. They now have two initiatives in the pipeline which it believes will help address the inequalities discovered by its own research.

How Hilton is Using IoT to Create a Truly Connected Travel Experience

Imagine a world where the hotel room knows you, and you know your room.

How Cathay Pacific is Using VR to Help Build the Airline of the Future

2017 was the year when the 1980s' promise of virtual reality (VR) technology finally became a reality. Businesses in every industry are excited to find innovative ways to utilize this new tech, and Cathay Pacific is no different.

When Digital Engagement Gets Complicated: Finding your window of opportunity

How is Finnair winning at customer engagement across digital mediums?

Your Customers are Shopping on Mobile- So Why Aren’t they Buying on Mobile?

Discover how traveler’s are using mobile platforms throughout the customer journey.

Interview with The Points Guy